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Welcome to Ankur Pharmaceuticals

Manufacturer of Homoeopathic Medicine, Bach Flower Remedies, Herbal Cosmetics and Globules.

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Ankur's Homoeopathic Dilutions

Ankur presents a wide range of potentized drugs which are accurately prepared by means of a progressive scale recommended by Hahnemann and Homoeopathic Pharmacopia of India.
Utmost care is taken to maintain microbiological contamination and dust free atmosphere while preparing the dilution using a scientifically designed potentizer to potentize the dilution properly.
The miraculous healing power of micro-doses of Homoeopathic drugs in dilution to a great extend depends upon the purity of dilution. To achieve this strictly maintain checks and counter checks at every stage.

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Ankur's Mother Tincture

Active Biomolecules optimum concentration. For preparation of mother tincture utmost care is taken in the selection of raw materials. Plants are collected on seasonal basis at the specific time period when the concentration of active biomolecules is the highest in them.
The mother tinctures are prepared in EXTA NEUTRAL ALCOHOL & DISTILLED WATER by maceration of Percolation method.
Mother tinctures are tested at standardised as per H.P.I. Our greatest thrust on the quality has led us to checks and counter checks at every stage right from procurement of raw material, processing to the final despatch, allowing not a single mistake to occur.


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